Dirty Thursdays was podcast every Thursday direct from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company in San Diego, CA. The show provided an audio snapshot of SD jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic groups, and bluegrass from 2010-2012

Thursday, March 31, 2011

016: The Smart Brothers

The Smart Brothers came down to play for the Dirty Thursdays sweet-sixteen party. Tune in and hear their blend of americana, southern rock, and good old rock-and-roll, all with stunning harmony and less-is-more songwriting.

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman
(this puppy added some extra fuzz to the show)

Once again we invited local photographer Michael Klayman over to shoot the session. Click through to see all the great shots from the show on Michael's blog.

You can catch The Smart Brothers for their debut show with the new 5pc band at UCSDs The Loft on April 21st.

-On My Own
-The Hymn
-Your Arms Are My Shelter

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pod Update

You may have noticed some improvements to the blog/podcast. We're now using Google's mp3 player on all our posts which is more functional than the old player and it is stable in Safari.

We've also added more intro/outro music to the podcast, as well as tightening up the interviews quite a bit. An independent bi-partisan commission appointed by President Obama concluded that the interview segment of the show has improved by 23%. So if you usually drop in and just listen to the tunes, change it up this week and check out the whole episode.

Tomorrow we'll be bringing you some exclusive unreleased cuts from The Smart Brothers! We're a little behind, so check back late afternoon/evening for the episode.

Thanks for listening and Stay Dirty!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

015: Kelsea Little

Well, we narrowly missed out on getting The Wrong Trousers on the podcast, so this week we did even better. Kelsea Little is the vocalist/harpist from the Trousers and is 1/3 of the group. She recently signed with Aural Gravy Records and dropped in to talk about her new solo album and share some tunes.

-The Search For My Blue Feather
-Walnuts In Peru
-Now Is All We Have

Entire episode:
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Cut to the Chase (first two songs):
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Cut to the Chase (last two songs):
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Kelsea Little
Aural Gravy Records (reverb nation page)

Some ancient you tube of The Wrong Trousers
covering video killed the radio star...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

014: Anthony Smith & Sam Johnson Duo

Uber-talented vibraphonist, composer, pianist, playwright, and jazz giant (literally, on account of his imposing height) Anthony Smith dropped in this week. Did I say 'uber'... really sorry about that - I think I've been spending too much time online. My apologies. After being on the road for the past few years, Anthony is back in the mix playing all sorts of gigs around town. He has worked with saxophonist Karl Densen (Greyboy Allstars), pianist Mike Wofford, and bassist Bob Magnusson.

Sam Johnson joins him on the upright bass to share some originals from their new collaborative project.  Sam plays acoustic and electric basses, is an active composer, and attended Univ of Miami School of Music.

-The Mysterious Twin (S. Johnson)
-Excerpts from the Jazz Queens Overture (A. Smith):
Dina vs Lionel
The Lady & The Queen
-To Be Set Free (S. Johnson)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty Picks #1: Stephen Bender

In the tradition of the 'employee picks' shelf at the (now defunct) video rental stores, our new segment DIRTY PICKS brings you top-shelf recommendations from some esteemed podcast listeners.

Stephen Bender is a film producer based at Warner Bros., 
he has worked on films such as RocknRolla, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
V for Vendetta and Unknown, and produced The Hills Run Red, Echelon
Conspiracy and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Book of Vile 
Darkness. A fan of wildly eclectic music genres, he is an avid 
listener of the Dirty Thursdays Podcast.

My list of Dirty Thursdays favorites are:

1. The Lovebirds [dirty thurs. 001]
(Lindsay and Veronica)

This set the tone perfectly for the series; they are so likable and their songs are sweet and polished. The interview was great as well - for the first show everyone sounds really comfortable behind the mic.

Dirty Pick: The Owl Song

2. Bob Boss [dirty thurs. 006]

His guitar was transporting and took me by surprise. Solo guitar is a gorgeous sound, and mostly I like this set because I wish I could play like this. 

Dirty Pick: Autumn In New York

3. Jason Robinson [dirty thurs. 003]

Definitely out there musically, but I liked how you were able to relate to him, you have such a great knowledge of the genre and music history and theory, it's nice to hear you discuss things at a high level with other talented musicians. 

Dirty Pick: Untitled [1st track]

4. PLOW [dirty thurs. 007]

This reminds me of the old Garcia & Grisman collaborations, which I love. Sounds like T-Bone Burnett could have put this group together. 

Dirty Pick: Benton's Dream

Overall what I really like about the series is the variety of the music, and the extraordinary sound quality. It sounds like I'm right there in the studio with you guys!

Thanks for asking me to participate.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We've got our own url now: dirtythursdays.com! And you can still find us at the old blogspot address.

The studio page got an update and a new address as well. You can find us at dirtyboulevardrecording.com

Sneak peek of upcoming March episodes: vibraphonist/composer Anthony Smith with Sam Johnson on upright; also an exclusive spot with harpist Kelsea Little featuring solo material from her upcoming record.

Stay tuned and stay Dirty!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

013: Miss Erika Davies

Miss Erika Davies dropped into Dirty Boulevard Recording Co. this week... tune in and see what the buzz is about.

Her new record "Galaxy Lakes" will be coming out in a couple months - have a listen to some duo versions of her originals. Erika is joined by Jon Ji on guitar.

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman

© Michael Klayman

You are probably wondering why the photos look so darned good all of a sudden... We coerced local photographer, blogophile, indie-rock animal, groupie, foodie, metal bassist, and bar fly Michael Klayman into dropping by the session. Did I say bar fly? I meant craft beer enthusiast. Click through to see all the great shots from the broadcast on Michael's infamous photo-blog, seemichaelsphotos.

-Deep Sea Dancer
-Galaxy Lakes
-Robot Girl
-I Wonder

Entire episode:
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Cut to the Chase (first two songs):
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Cut to the Chase (last two songs):
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Miss Erika Davies (facebook)
Miss Erika Davies (myspace)
Photographer Michael Klayman - see michael's photos

Thursday, March 3, 2011

012: The Tail Draggers

Bluegrass is back, and it was worth the wait. The Tail Draggers threw down in our living room delivering the expected barn-raisin' good time.

Given Harrison on bass, Jason Weiss on banjo, Michael Williams on guitar/vocals, and Dan Sankey on madolin.


-Love For An Angel
-Hometown Blues
-Salt Springs
-Catfish John

Entire episode:

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Cut To The Chase (last two songs):

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