Dirty Thursdays was podcast every Thursday direct from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company in San Diego, CA. The show provided an audio snapshot of SD jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic groups, and bluegrass from 2010-2012

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

Next week we're featuring local bluegrass hot-shots The Taildraggers.

Check out this article on them in this month's Troubadour:

The TailDraggers: Now in Full Flight

Bluegrass music is a hot commodity in San Diego, and one of the hottest items at the moment is the TailDraggers. The TailDraggers originally got together to play a gig for a group of private pilots who were having a barbecue in a hangar at Montgomery Field. Deciding to reflect that first gig with their name, they called themselves Captain Noonan and the TailDraggers in reference to Amelia Earhart's navigator on her last flight and to the type of "tail dragger" plane in which they were lost. It's the kind of plane with a small wheel under the tail that sits on the ground and "drags" until the plane gains speed on the take-off roll whereupon the tail lifts off.

As time passed, the band found itself using the shorter name, the TailDraggers. For almost a year, the TailDraggers honed their chops as the Tuesday night house band at Hensley's Flying Elephant Bar and Grill in Carlsbad. . .

Full article:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

011: Roger Aplon & The Builders Association of Encinitas

We're going to take it all the way to the edge here before we bring it back next week with some down-home bluegrass... This week we have poet and author Roger Aplon & The Builders Association of Encinitas. Creative madman Nathan Hubbard roped this group into coming on the podcast...

Nathan on laptop/sampler intersects with Nate Atwood on pedals/effects/noise/homebaked-electronics to make up The Builders Assn. of Encinitas, and they are Roger's "band" for the evening. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so sit back and enjoy the set!


-He Came To Us
-Love In The Time Of Jihad
-In August
-While Listening to Mingus in the Rain
-[OUTRO] The Old Man Speaks

[all poetry by Roger Aplon, accompaniment by the Builders Assn.]

Entire episode (parts 1 & 2):
 download episode 11

Roger Aplon (official site)
Builders Association of Encinitas (official site)
Nathan Hubbard
Nate Atwood (MySpace)
Trummerflora Collective
Roger Aplon AMAZON.COM

Thursday, February 17, 2011

010: Duo Laré

Duo Laré is Nate Jarrell on guitar and Chris Acquavella on mandolin. It's a mish-mash of influences; these two former punk-rockers combine jazz, bluegrass, chamber music, and a little bit of everything to come up with their unique sound.

Tune in to hear their original compositions!

-Mtarija (Acquavella)
-Molly (Jarrell)
-Freedom to Travel (Zura Dzagnidze/Acquavella)

Entire episode:
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Part 2 (a.k.a. Cut To The Chase: music first, then interview):
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Part 3 (a.k.a. Cut To The Chase: more music & outro):
 download ep. 10 part 3

Nate Jarrell (official site)
Chris Acquavella (official site)
Duo Laré on CD Baby
SD Center For The Arts (concert venue)
Old Time Music (venue)

Monday, February 14, 2011


We noticed the flash players aren't really showing up correctly in Safari. They are floating around out of position and covering other text. I will try to get my web technician friends over in the next week or so to fix this.

Sorry bout that - try firefox or internet explorer. On second though, just stick to firefox!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

009: Dusty Brough

We'll, we might have to start calling it "Dirty Fridays" if we don't get on our game around here. A little late, but hey, we have to upload everything on our 2 bits-per-second Cox budget-internet connection...

This week we're hitting you upside the head with some intense gypsy/fusion/jazz/flamenco/whatchamacallit music. Guitarist Dusty Brough is joined by Danny Green on keys and Julien Cantelm on drums. Pay attention-you might miss something!

-Tango Feb
-Box Life

Entire episode (parts 1 & 2):
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Part 1 (interview):
 download ep 9 part 1

Part 2 (a.k.a. Cut To The Chase: music & interview):
 download ep 9 part 2 

-Dusty Brough on spanishguitartalent.com

Thursday, February 3, 2011

008: Kris Korsgaden

Outer-space hip-hop jazz? I don't know. But I do know it was Kris Korsgaden, Dan Reagan, and Harley Magniso who took over my studio and played some insaneterestng music.

-I'm A Thug, Yes, That What I Be (Korsgaden)
-Untitled (Korsgaden)

Entire episode:
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after this message we'll be right back...

Hello Dirty-Fans

Dirty Thursdays will return today with episode 008. There may be a short delay in getting it up, but it's coming. We transitioned to a new setup and are still getting into the swing of it :-)