Dirty Thursdays was podcast every Thursday direct from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company in San Diego, CA. The show provided an audio snapshot of SD jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic groups, and bluegrass from 2010-2012

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello Dirty-Fans - we are taking a break this week. See you next time!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

steve jobs

The apple-tastic program known as 'Logic' has killed my mix. I am uploading a new version of Jesse LaMonica as we speak. Until then, make do with the one that is up (which somehow turned out in mono)...


OK, it's fixed now... enjoy the new mix.

019: Jesse LaMonaca

Jesse LaMonaca has been popping up at bars and clubs all over San Diego with his guitar or accompanied by his incredibly good-looking band, The Dime Novels. He always manages to appear on City Beat's weekly concert picks, and last year's release "Until The Stars Came Out" was up for a San Diego Music Award for Best Americana Album. This week we're bringing you some new tunes from Jesse joined by Dime Novels guitarist Brandon Conway.

-Shoot The Messenger
-Other Side Of The World
-Left Coast Sunshine
-The Well Has Run Dry

Thursday, April 14, 2011

018: Ruby Blue

Ruby Presnell came by to play a private show in our living room with her jazz trio "Ruby Blue"...

Ruby has been singing in San Diego for the last two decades, and has been a regular at the U.S. Grant Hotel and other
venues around town. She's joined by returning guests Bob Boss (guitar) and Rob Thorsen (bass).


-Oh Love
-Y 2 K

Entire episode:
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Cut to the Chase (last two songs):
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Ruby Blue (official site)
Bob Boss guitar
Rob Thorsen bass

***Stay tuned for episode 019 next week-featuring Jesse LaMonaca of Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels in an exclusive duo performance

Thursday, April 7, 2011

017: The Danny Green Trio

OK, 17 is legal in some states... For our Dirty 17th, we brought back some regulars: Danny Green on fender rhodes, Julien Cantelm on drums, and first-time-guest Justin Grinnell on electric bass.

Danny is a pianist and a jazz composer with so much output he recently had to find a bigger apartment to store all his arrangements. He's recently struggled with an addiction to Brazilian jazz, and is a regular at Brazil camp in NorCal where he's rubbed elbows with Chico Pinheiro, Edu Ribeiro, Marcos Silva, and other real brazilians. We get an exclusive preview (all-electric trio versions) of a few tunes from his upcoming CD.

-Under Night's Cover

Entire episode:
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Cut to the Chase (last two songs):
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Danny Green (official site)
Pacific Coast Jazz (record label - buy Green!)
Justin Grinnell - bass

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This week we're back in the jazz arena... San Diego pianist/composer Danny Green will be in-studio with his piano trio.

Tune in Thursday for some all-electric versions of grooving Brazilian-jazz originals from Danny's new record. Featuring Justin Grinnell on bass, Julien Cantelm on drums, and Danny Green on the house Fender Rhodes.