Dirty Thursdays was podcast every Thursday direct from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company in San Diego, CA. The show provided an audio snapshot of SD jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic groups, and bluegrass from 2010-2012

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty Picks #1: Stephen Bender

In the tradition of the 'employee picks' shelf at the (now defunct) video rental stores, our new segment DIRTY PICKS brings you top-shelf recommendations from some esteemed podcast listeners.

Stephen Bender is a film producer based at Warner Bros., 
he has worked on films such as RocknRolla, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
V for Vendetta and Unknown, and produced The Hills Run Red, Echelon
Conspiracy and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Book of Vile 
Darkness. A fan of wildly eclectic music genres, he is an avid 
listener of the Dirty Thursdays Podcast.

My list of Dirty Thursdays favorites are:

1. The Lovebirds [dirty thurs. 001]
(Lindsay and Veronica)

This set the tone perfectly for the series; they are so likable and their songs are sweet and polished. The interview was great as well - for the first show everyone sounds really comfortable behind the mic.

Dirty Pick: The Owl Song

2. Bob Boss [dirty thurs. 006]

His guitar was transporting and took me by surprise. Solo guitar is a gorgeous sound, and mostly I like this set because I wish I could play like this. 

Dirty Pick: Autumn In New York

3. Jason Robinson [dirty thurs. 003]

Definitely out there musically, but I liked how you were able to relate to him, you have such a great knowledge of the genre and music history and theory, it's nice to hear you discuss things at a high level with other talented musicians. 

Dirty Pick: Untitled [1st track]

4. PLOW [dirty thurs. 007]

This reminds me of the old Garcia & Grisman collaborations, which I love. Sounds like T-Bone Burnett could have put this group together. 

Dirty Pick: Benton's Dream

Overall what I really like about the series is the variety of the music, and the extraordinary sound quality. It sounds like I'm right there in the studio with you guys!

Thanks for asking me to participate.

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