Dirty Thursdays was podcast every Thursday direct from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company in San Diego, CA. The show provided an audio snapshot of SD jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic groups, and bluegrass from 2010-2012

Thursday, March 17, 2011

014: Anthony Smith & Sam Johnson Duo

Uber-talented vibraphonist, composer, pianist, playwright, and jazz giant (literally, on account of his imposing height) Anthony Smith dropped in this week. Did I say 'uber'... really sorry about that - I think I've been spending too much time online. My apologies. After being on the road for the past few years, Anthony is back in the mix playing all sorts of gigs around town. He has worked with saxophonist Karl Densen (Greyboy Allstars), pianist Mike Wofford, and bassist Bob Magnusson.

Sam Johnson joins him on the upright bass to share some originals from their new collaborative project.  Sam plays acoustic and electric basses, is an active composer, and attended Univ of Miami School of Music.

-The Mysterious Twin (S. Johnson)
-Excerpts from the Jazz Queens Overture (A. Smith):
Dina vs Lionel
The Lady & The Queen
-To Be Set Free (S. Johnson)

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