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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

Next week we're featuring local bluegrass hot-shots The Taildraggers.

Check out this article on them in this month's Troubadour:

The TailDraggers: Now in Full Flight

Bluegrass music is a hot commodity in San Diego, and one of the hottest items at the moment is the TailDraggers. The TailDraggers originally got together to play a gig for a group of private pilots who were having a barbecue in a hangar at Montgomery Field. Deciding to reflect that first gig with their name, they called themselves Captain Noonan and the TailDraggers in reference to Amelia Earhart's navigator on her last flight and to the type of "tail dragger" plane in which they were lost. It's the kind of plane with a small wheel under the tail that sits on the ground and "drags" until the plane gains speed on the take-off roll whereupon the tail lifts off.

As time passed, the band found itself using the shorter name, the TailDraggers. For almost a year, the TailDraggers honed their chops as the Tuesday night house band at Hensley's Flying Elephant Bar and Grill in Carlsbad. . .

Full article:

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